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a viaro infrastructure:

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the viaroSM platform
The viaro infrastructure is a single source of connection for partitions, displays lightings, ceilings and all market devices that require power and data.

The infrastructure is comprised of three independent platforms:
a structural platform
A ceiling-based structural rail offers overhead support for devices such as lights, ceiling infill, displays, speakers, cameras, projectors and fans as well as space division products. The rail houses the modular power system as well as optional wire ways and cable trays to transport voice, data and supplemental wiring.

a modular power platform
A modular power track with both smart and dumb electrical connectors, brings power to any off-the-shelf electrical or electronic devices and simultaneously creates a communications network between connected devices.

a communication & control platform
A handheld interface enables any light fixtures or devices plugged into the connectors to be "programmed" and grouped with each other via the communication and control network, regardless of what electrical circuit they are connected to. The viaro switches, sensors and scene control devices enable the configuration, reconfiguration and storage of any scenes created by the users of the space.

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