GLOBALSHOP: Viaro infrastructure displaying Mitsubishi interactive technology


Las Vegas, NV - March 21, 2005

Viaro, a Herman Miller company, is featuring at GlobalShop 2005, an innovative store infrastructure that alters the way in which designers, architects, builders, engineers and manufacturers converge to build flexible and scalable space to meet their customers' dynamic needs. Viaro catalyzes a new generation of radically flexible interior space design by combining a new, open, modular building power infrastructure with off-the-shelf space making elements and building products and services. Viaro also brings integration and manufacturing capabilities to enable designers and builders to create whole environments that are rapidly and inexpensively reconfigurable.

"Herman Miller has a long history of design responsiveness to social change. In the late 1960's the Action Office system was designed to help facility managers integrate emerging data technologies to the desktop and to organize the office workspace to meet changing work styles," said Kevin Han, Viaro President. "Fast forward forty years to the creation of Viaro and the next-generation of radically flexible design to address the problem of space rigidity. In today's retail environment, Viaro recognizes a critical inflection point in the very meaning of the retail experience and an opportunity to add value in a number of potential directions .It will be evolved collectively by a community of architects, designers, engineers, builders and manufacturers who believe that space can respond to the changing ways that people work, play, shop, heal and live."

Viaro recognizes the need for retailers with a strong brand identity to create and refresh dynamic store experiences and to program responsive merchandising strategies for their customers. Today, these brand leaders and their creative partners are challenged in what they can design into the store experience by rigid, hard-to-reconfigure spaces. The new Viaro infrastructure will enable radically flexible retail experiences to be designed, built, programmed and scaled across multiple sites. Once in place, the Viaro infrastructure will empower store managers to reconfigure their stores more quickly and inexpensively in response to customer lifestyles and merchandising cycles. Ultimately, retailers will be able to generate more revenue and faster turns of inventory by optimizing the use of the store space.

In other retail environments Viaro enables storeowners to maximize the advertising and promotional dollars generated from brands present in their stores by enlarging the number and range of media vehicles and media locations available to them. The Viaro infrastructure enables an easy integration of a wide array of digital displays and other customer facing technologies and scales to multiple site solutions through a common open power and data distribution infrastructure.

About Viaro,
Viaro, a Herman Miller company, contributes to the evolution of interior space design by combining design expertise and technology to meet changing functional, cultural and economic demands.

Started in 2004, Viaro provides a community of designers, architects, builders, consultants and manufacturers with the ability to create a responsive infrastructure, allowing unprecedented insight and control over physical environments. The modular, mobile and programmable Viaro infrastructure provides a means for effectively adapting and changing building interiors as needs change over time.

About Herman Miller
Herman Miller helps create great places to work by researching, designing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative interior furnishings that support companies, organizations, and individuals all over the world. The company's award-winning products, complemented by furniture-management and strategic consulting services, generated $1.34 billion in revenue during fiscal 2004. Herman Miller is widely recognized both for its innovative products and business practices. In fiscal 2004 Herman Miller was named recipient of the prestigious National Design Award for product design from the Smithsonian Institution's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum and was again included in Business Ethics magazine's "100 Best Corporate Citizens." In the current year the company has been named to the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index and was again cited by Fortune magazine as the "Most Admired" company in its industry in the annual survey of industry executives and analysts. The company trades on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol MLHR. For additional information visit www.HermanMiller.com.

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